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org.hibernate.loader.custom This package defines a framework for custom loaders that accept handwritten SQL 

Uses of NonScalarReturn in org.hibernate.loader.custom

Subclasses of NonScalarReturn in org.hibernate.loader.custom
 class CollectionFetchReturn
          Spefically a fetch return that refers to a collection association.
 class CollectionReturn
          Represents a return which names a collection role; it is used in defining a custom query for loading an entity's collection in non-fetching scenarios (i.e., loading the collection itself as the "root" of the result).
 class EntityFetchReturn
          Spefically a fetch return that refers to an entity association.
 class FetchReturn
          Represents a return which names a fetched association.
 class RootReturn
          Represents a return which names a "root" entity.

Methods in org.hibernate.loader.custom that return NonScalarReturn
 NonScalarReturn FetchReturn.getOwner()
          Retrieves the return descriptor for the owner of this fetch.

Constructors in org.hibernate.loader.custom with parameters of type NonScalarReturn
CollectionFetchReturn(String alias, NonScalarReturn owner, String ownerProperty, CollectionAliases collectionAliases, EntityAliases elementEntityAliases, LockMode lockMode)
EntityFetchReturn(String alias, EntityAliases entityAliases, NonScalarReturn owner, String ownerProperty, LockMode lockMode)
FetchReturn(NonScalarReturn owner, String ownerProperty, String alias, LockMode lockMode)
          Creates a return descriptor for an association fetch.

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