Uses of Interface

Packages that use Value
org.hibernate.metamodel.relational This package defines the metamodel of a relational database schema. 

Uses of Value in org.hibernate.metamodel.binding

Methods in org.hibernate.metamodel.binding that return Value
 Value AbstractCollectionElement.getElementValue()
 Value AbstractSingularAttributeBinding.getValue()
 Value SingularAttributeBinding.getValue()
          Obtain the value bound here.

Uses of Value in org.hibernate.metamodel.relational

Subinterfaces of Value in org.hibernate.metamodel.relational
 interface SimpleValue
          Models a simple, non-compound value.

Classes in org.hibernate.metamodel.relational that implement Value
 class AbstractSimpleValue
          Basic support for SimpleValue implementations.
 class Column
          Models a physical column
 class DerivedValue
          Models a value expression.
 class Tuple
          Models a compound value (a tuple or row-value-constructor is SQL terms).

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