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Packages that use Select
org.hibernate.sql This package defines helper classes for rendering SQL fragments and SQL statements. 

Uses of Select in org.hibernate.sql

Methods in org.hibernate.sql that return Select
 Select Select.setComment(String comment)
 Select Select.setFromClause(String fromClause)
          Sets the fromClause.
 Select Select.setFromClause(String tableName, String alias)
 Select Select.setGroupByClause(String groupByClause)
 Select Select.setLockMode(LockMode lockMode)
          Deprecated. Instead use setLockOptions
 Select Select.setLockOptions(LockOptions lockOptions)
          Set the lock options
 Select Select.setOrderByClause(String orderByClause)
 Select Select.setOuterJoins(String outerJoinsAfterFrom, String outerJoinsAfterWhere)
 Select Select.setSelectClause(SelectFragment selectFragment)
 Select Select.setSelectClause(String selectClause)
          Sets the selectClause.
 Select Select.setWhereClause(String whereClause)
          Sets the whereClause.

Methods in org.hibernate.sql with parameters of type Select
 InsertSelect InsertSelect.setSelect(Select select)

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