Interface PropertyHolder

    • Method Detail

      • getClassName

        java.lang.String getClassName()
      • getEntityOwnerClassName

        java.lang.String getEntityOwnerClassName()
      • getTable

        Table getTable()
      • addProperty

        void addProperty​(Property prop,
                         org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.XClass declaringClass)
      • addProperty

        void addProperty​(Property prop,
                         Ejb3Column[] columns,
                         org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.XClass declaringClass)
      • getIdentifier

        KeyValue getIdentifier()
      • isOrWithinEmbeddedId

        boolean isOrWithinEmbeddedId()
        Return true if this component is or is embedded in a @EmbeddedId
      • isWithinElementCollection

        boolean isWithinElementCollection()
        Return true if this component is withing an @ElementCollection.
      • isComponent

        boolean isComponent()
      • isEntity

        boolean isEntity()
      • setParentProperty

        void setParentProperty​(java.lang.String parentProperty)
      • getPath

        java.lang.String getPath()
      • getOverriddenColumn

        Column[] getOverriddenColumn​(java.lang.String propertyName)
        return null if the column is not overridden, or an array of column if true
      • getOverriddenJoinColumn

        JoinColumn[] getOverriddenJoinColumn​(java.lang.String propertyName)
        return null if the column is not overridden, or an array of column if true
      • getOverriddenForeignKey

        default ForeignKey getOverriddenForeignKey​(java.lang.String propertyName)
        return null if hte foreign key is not overridden, or the foreign key if true
      • getJoinTable

        JoinTable getJoinTable​(org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.XProperty property)
        return - null if no join table is present, - the join table if not overridden, - the overridden join table otherwise
      • getEntityName

        java.lang.String getEntityName()
      • addJoin

        Join addJoin​(JoinTable joinTableAnn,
                     boolean noDelayInPkColumnCreation)
      • isInIdClass

        boolean isInIdClass()
      • setInIdClass

        void setInIdClass​(java.lang.Boolean isInIdClass)
      • startingProperty

        void startingProperty​(org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.XProperty property)
        Called during binding to allow the PropertyHolder to inspect its discovered properties. Mainly this is used in collecting attribute conversion declarations (via @Convert/@Converts).
        property - The property
      • resolveAttributeConverterDescriptor

        ConverterDescriptor resolveAttributeConverterDescriptor​(org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.XProperty property)
        Determine the AttributeConverter to use for the given property.
        property -