Class Ejb3Column

    • Field Detail

      • joins

        protected java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​Join> joins
      • sqlType

        public java.lang.String sqlType
    • Constructor Detail

      • Ejb3Column

        public Ejb3Column()
    • Method Detail

      • setTable

        public void setTable​(Table table)
      • getLogicalColumnName

        public java.lang.String getLogicalColumnName()
      • getSqlType

        public java.lang.String getSqlType()
      • getLength

        public int getLength()
      • getPrecision

        public int getPrecision()
      • getScale

        public int getScale()
      • isUnique

        public boolean isUnique()
      • isFormula

        public boolean isFormula()
      • getFormulaString

        public java.lang.String getFormulaString()
      • getExplicitTableName

        public java.lang.String getExplicitTableName()
      • setExplicitTableName

        public void setExplicitTableName​(java.lang.String explicitTableName)
      • setFormula

        public void setFormula​(java.lang.String formula)
      • isImplicit

        public boolean isImplicit()
      • setInsertable

        public void setInsertable​(boolean insertable)
      • setUpdatable

        public void setUpdatable​(boolean updatable)
      • setImplicit

        public void setImplicit​(boolean implicit)
      • setSqlType

        public void setSqlType​(java.lang.String sqlType)
      • setLength

        public void setLength​(int length)
      • setPrecision

        public void setPrecision​(int precision)
      • setScale

        public void setScale​(int scale)
      • setLogicalColumnName

        public void setLogicalColumnName​(java.lang.String logicalColumnName)
      • setPropertyName

        public void setPropertyName​(java.lang.String propertyName)
      • getPropertyName

        public java.lang.String getPropertyName()
      • setUnique

        public void setUnique​(boolean unique)
      • isNullable

        public boolean isNullable()
      • getDefaultValue

        public java.lang.String getDefaultValue()
      • setDefaultValue

        public void setDefaultValue​(java.lang.String defaultValue)
      • bind

        public void bind()
      • initMappingColumn

        protected void initMappingColumn​(java.lang.String columnName,
                                         java.lang.String propertyName,
                                         int length,
                                         int precision,
                                         int scale,
                                         boolean nullable,
                                         java.lang.String sqlType,
                                         boolean unique,
                                         boolean applyNamingStrategy)
      • isNameDeferred

        public boolean isNameDeferred()
      • redefineColumnName

        public void redefineColumnName​(java.lang.String columnName,
                                       java.lang.String propertyName,
                                       boolean applyNamingStrategy)
      • getName

        public java.lang.String getName()
      • getMappingColumn

        public Column getMappingColumn()
      • isInsertable

        public boolean isInsertable()
      • isUpdatable

        public boolean isUpdatable()
      • setNullable

        public void setNullable​(boolean nullable)
      • setJoins

        public void setJoins​(java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​Join> joins)
      • setPropertyHolder

        public void setPropertyHolder​(PropertyHolder propertyHolder)
      • setMappingColumn

        protected void setMappingColumn​(Column mappingColumn)
      • linkWithValue

        public void linkWithValue​(SimpleValue value)
      • addColumnBinding

        protected void addColumnBinding​(SimpleValue value)
      • getTable

        public Table getTable()
        Find appropriate table of the column. It can come from a secondary table or from the main table of the persistent class
        appropriate table
        AnnotationException - missing secondary table
      • isSecondary

        public boolean isSecondary()
      • getJoin

        public Join getJoin()
      • forceNotNull

        public void forceNotNull()
      • checkPropertyConsistency

        public static void checkPropertyConsistency​(Ejb3Column[] columns,
                                                    java.lang.String propertyName)
      • addIndex

        public void addIndex​(Index index,
                             boolean inSecondPass)
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        toString in class java.lang.Object