Interface JdbcServices

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    public interface JdbcServices
    extends Service
    Contract for services around JDBC operations. These represent shared resources, aka not varied by session/use.
    • Method Detail

      • getJdbcEnvironment

        JdbcEnvironment getJdbcEnvironment()
        Obtain the JdbcEnvironment backing this JdbcServices instance.
      • getBootstrapJdbcConnectionAccess

        JdbcConnectionAccess getBootstrapJdbcConnectionAccess()
        Obtain a JdbcConnectionAccess usable from bootstrap actions (, Dialect resolution, etc).
      • getDialect

        Dialect getDialect()
        Obtain the dialect of the database.
        The database dialect.
      • getSqlStatementLogger

        SqlStatementLogger getSqlStatementLogger()
        Obtain service for logging SQL statements.
        The SQL statement logger.
      • getSqlExceptionHelper

        SqlExceptionHelper getSqlExceptionHelper()
        Obtain service for dealing with exceptions.
        The exception helper service.
      • getExtractedMetaDataSupport

        ExtractedDatabaseMetaData getExtractedMetaDataSupport()
        Obtain information about supported behavior reported by the JDBC driver.

        Yuck, yuck, yuck! Much prefer this to be part of a "basic settings" type object.

        The extracted database metadata, oddly enough :)
      • getLobCreator

        LobCreator getLobCreator​(LobCreationContext lobCreationContext)
        Create an instance of a LobCreator appropriate for the current environment, mainly meant to account for variance between JDBC 4 (<= JDK 1.6) and JDBC3 (>= JDK 1.5).
        lobCreationContext - The context in which the LOB is being created
        The LOB creator.
      • getResultSetWrapper

        ResultSetWrapper getResultSetWrapper()
        Obtain service for wrapping a ResultSet in a "column name cache" wrapper.
        The ResultSet wrapper.