Interface NativeQueryInterpreter

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    public interface NativeQueryInterpreter
    extends Service
    Service contract for dealing with native queries.
    • Method Detail

      • getParameterMetadata

        org.hibernate.query.internal.ParameterMetadataImpl getParameterMetadata​(java.lang.String nativeQuery)
        Returns a meta-data object with information about the named and ordinal parameters contained in the given native query.
        nativeQuery - the native query to analyze.
        a meta-data object describing the parameters of the given query. Must not be null.
      • createQueryPlan

        NativeSQLQueryPlan createQueryPlan​(NativeSQLQuerySpecification specification,
                                           SessionFactoryImplementor sessionFactory)
        Creates a new query plan for the specified native query.
        specification - Describes the query to create a plan for
        sessionFactory - The current session factory
        A query plan for the specified native query.