Interface Loadable

    • Method Detail

      • hasSubclasses

        boolean hasSubclasses()
        Does this persistent class have subclasses?
      • getDiscriminatorType

        Type getDiscriminatorType()
        Get the discriminator type
      • getDiscriminatorValue

        java.lang.Object getDiscriminatorValue()
        Get the discriminator value
      • getSubclassForDiscriminatorValue

        java.lang.String getSubclassForDiscriminatorValue​(java.lang.Object value)
        Get the concrete subclass corresponding to the given discriminator value
      • getIdentifierColumnNames

        java.lang.String[] getIdentifierColumnNames()
        Get the names of columns used to persist the identifier
      • getIdentifierAliases

        java.lang.String[] getIdentifierAliases​(java.lang.String suffix)
        Get the result set aliases used for the identifier columns, given a suffix
      • getPropertyAliases

        java.lang.String[] getPropertyAliases​(java.lang.String suffix,
                                              int i)
        Get the result set aliases used for the property columns, given a suffix (properties of this class, only).
      • getPropertyColumnNames

        java.lang.String[] getPropertyColumnNames​(int i)
        Get the result set column names mapped for this property (properties of this class, only).
      • getDiscriminatorAlias

        java.lang.String getDiscriminatorAlias​(java.lang.String suffix)
        Get the result set aliases used for the identifier columns, given a suffix
      • getDiscriminatorColumnName

        java.lang.String getDiscriminatorColumnName()
        the column name for the discriminator as specified in the mapping.
      • hasRowId

        boolean hasRowId()
        Does the result set contain rowids?
      • hydrate

        java.lang.Object[] hydrate​(java.sql.ResultSet rs,
                                   java.lang.Object object,
                                   Loadable rootLoadable,
                                   java.lang.String[][] suffixedPropertyColumns,
                                   boolean allProperties,
                                   SharedSessionContractImplementor session)
                            throws java.sql.SQLException,
        Retrieve property values from one row of a result set
      • isAbstract

        boolean isAbstract()
      • registerAffectingFetchProfile

        void registerAffectingFetchProfile​(java.lang.String fetchProfileName)
        Register the name of a fetch profile determined to have an affect on the underlying loadable in regards to the fact that the underlying load SQL needs to be adjust when the given fetch profile is enabled.
        fetchProfileName - The name of the profile affecting this.
      • getTableAliasForColumn

        java.lang.String getTableAliasForColumn​(java.lang.String columnName,
                                                java.lang.String rootAlias)
        Given a column name and the root table alias in use for the entity hierarchy, determine the proper table alias for the table in that hierarchy that contains said column.

        NOTE : Generally speaking the column is not validated to exist. Most implementations simply return the root alias; the exception is JoinedSubclassEntityPersister

        columnName - The column name
        rootAlias - The hierarchy root alias
        The proper table alias for qualifying the given column.