Interface JdbcSessionOwner

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    EventSource, SessionImplementor, SharedSessionContractImplementor
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    public interface JdbcSessionOwner
    Contract for something that controls a JdbcSessionContext. The name comes from the design idea of a JdbcSession which encapsulates this information, which we will hopefully get back to later. The term "JDBC session" is taken from the SQL specification which calls a connection and its associated transaction context a "session".
    • Method Detail

      • getTransactionCoordinator

        TransactionCoordinator getTransactionCoordinator()
        Obtain the builder for TransactionCoordinator instances
        The TransactionCoordinatorBuilder
      • startTransactionBoundary

        void startTransactionBoundary()
        Callback indicating recognition of entering into a transactional context whether that is explicitly via the Hibernate Transaction API or via registration of Hibernate's JTA Synchronization impl with a JTA Transaction
      • afterTransactionBegin

        void afterTransactionBegin()
        A after-begin callback from the coordinator to its owner.
      • beforeTransactionCompletion

        void beforeTransactionCompletion()
        A before-completion callback to the owner.
      • afterTransactionCompletion

        void afterTransactionCompletion​(boolean successful,
                                        boolean delayed)
        An after-completion callback to the owner.
        successful - Was the transaction successful?
        delayed - Is this a delayed after transaction completion call (aka after a timeout)?
      • flushBeforeTransactionCompletion

        void flushBeforeTransactionCompletion()
      • getJdbcBatchSize

        java.lang.Integer getJdbcBatchSize()
        Get the Session-level JDBC batch size.
        Session-level JDBC batch size