Interface ProcedureParameterExtractionAware<T>

    • Method Detail

      • canDoExtraction

        boolean canDoExtraction()
        Can the given instance of this type actually perform the parameter value extractions?
        true indicates that @{link #extract} calls will not fail due to IllegalStateException.
      • extract

        T extract​(CallableStatement statement,
                  int startIndex,
                  SharedSessionContractImplementor session)
           throws SQLException
        Perform the extraction
        statement - The CallableStatement from which to extract the parameter value(s).
        startIndex - The parameter index from which to start extracting; assumes the values (if multiple) are contiguous
        session - The originating session
        The extracted value.
        SQLException - Indicates an issue calling into the CallableStatement
        IllegalStateException - Thrown if this method is called on instances that return false for canDoExtraction()