Class VirtualFileSystemArchiveDescriptorFactory

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ArchiveDescriptorFactory, JarFileEntryUrlAdjuster

    public class VirtualFileSystemArchiveDescriptorFactory
    extends org.hibernate.boot.archive.internal.StandardArchiveDescriptorFactory
    In Hibernate terms, the ArchiveDescriptorFactory contract is used to plug in handling for how to deal with archives in various systems. For JBoss, that means its VirtualFileSystem API.
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      ArchiveDescriptor buildArchiveDescriptor​( url, java.lang.String entryBase)
      Build a descriptor of the archive indicated by the path relative to the given url
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        adjustJarFileEntryUrl, buildArchiveDescriptor, extractLocalFilePath, getJarURLFromURLEntry, getURLFromPath
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    • Constructor Detail

      • VirtualFileSystemArchiveDescriptorFactory

        public VirtualFileSystemArchiveDescriptorFactory()
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      • buildArchiveDescriptor

        public ArchiveDescriptor buildArchiveDescriptor​( url,
                                                        java.lang.String entryBase)
        Description copied from interface: ArchiveDescriptorFactory
        Build a descriptor of the archive indicated by the path relative to the given url
        Specified by:
        buildArchiveDescriptor in interface ArchiveDescriptorFactory
        buildArchiveDescriptor in class org.hibernate.boot.archive.internal.StandardArchiveDescriptorFactory
        url - The url to the archive
        entryBase - The path within the given url that refers to the archive
        The descriptor