Package org.hibernate

Interface IdentifierLoadAccess<T>

  • public interface IdentifierLoadAccess<T>
    Loads an entity by its primary identifier.
    • Method Detail

      • with

        IdentifierLoadAccess<T> with​(CacheMode cacheMode)
        Specify the CacheMode to use when retrieving the entity.
        cacheMode - The CacheMode to use.
        this, for method chaining
      • getReference

        T getReference​(Serializable id)
        Return the persistent instance with the given identifier, assuming that the instance exists. This method might return a proxied instance that is initialized on-demand, when a non-identifier method is accessed. You should not use this method to determine if an instance exists; to check for existence, use load( instead. Use this only to retrieve an instance that you assume exists, where non-existence would be an actual error.
        id - The identifier for which to obtain a reference
        the persistent instance or proxy
      • load

        T load​(Serializable id)
        Return the persistent instance with the given identifier, or null if there is no such persistent instance. If the instance is already associated with the session, return that instance, initializing it if needed. This method never returns an uninitialized instance.
        id - The identifier
        The persistent instance or null