Class QueryParameters

  • public final class QueryParameters
    extends Object
    • Method Detail

      • hasRowSelection

        public boolean hasRowSelection()
      • getPositionalParameterTypes

        public Type[] getPositionalParameterTypes()
      • getPositionalParameterValues

        public Object[] getPositionalParameterValues()
      • setPositionalParameterTypes

        public void setPositionalParameterTypes​(Type[] types)
      • setPositionalParameterValues

        public void setPositionalParameterValues​(Object[] objects)
      • setRowSelection

        public void setRowSelection​(RowSelection selection)
      • setLockOptions

        public void setLockOptions​(LockOptions lockOptions)
      • isCacheable

        public boolean isCacheable()
      • setCacheable

        public void setCacheable​(boolean b)
      • getCacheRegion

        public String getCacheRegion()
      • setCacheRegion

        public void setCacheRegion​(String cacheRegion)
      • getComment

        public String getComment()
      • setComment

        public void setComment​(String comment)
      • getQueryHints

        public List<String> getQueryHints()
      • setQueryHints

        public void setQueryHints​(List<String> queryHints)
      • getScrollMode

        public ScrollMode getScrollMode()
      • setScrollMode

        public void setScrollMode​(ScrollMode scrollMode)
      • getCollectionKeys

        public Serializable[] getCollectionKeys()
      • setCollectionKeys

        public void setCollectionKeys​(Serializable[] collectionKeys)
      • getOptionalEntityName

        public String getOptionalEntityName()
      • setOptionalEntityName

        public void setOptionalEntityName​(String optionalEntityName)
      • setOptionalId

        public void setOptionalId​(Serializable optionalId)
      • getOptionalObject

        public Object getOptionalObject()
      • setOptionalObject

        public void setOptionalObject​(Object optionalObject)
      • isReadOnlyInitialized

        public boolean isReadOnlyInitialized()
        Has the read-only/modifiable mode been explicitly set?
        true, the read-only/modifiable mode was explicitly set false, the read-only/modifiable mode was not explicitly set
        See Also:
        setReadOnly(boolean), isReadOnly(SharedSessionContractImplementor)
      • setCallable

        public void setCallable​(boolean callable)
      • isCallable

        public boolean isCallable()
      • hasAutoDiscoverScalarTypes

        public boolean hasAutoDiscoverScalarTypes()
      • isPassDistinctThrough

        public boolean isPassDistinctThrough()
        Check if this query should pass the distinct to the database.
        the query passes distinct to the database
      • setPassDistinctThrough

        public void setPassDistinctThrough​(boolean passDistinctThrough)
        Set if this query should pass the distinct to the database.
        passDistinctThrough - the query passes distinct to the database
      • getFilteredSQL

        public String getFilteredSQL()
      • getFilteredPositionalParameterValues

        public Object[] getFilteredPositionalParameterValues()
      • getFilteredPositionalParameterTypes

        public Type[] getFilteredPositionalParameterTypes()
      • isNaturalKeyLookup

        public boolean isNaturalKeyLookup()
      • setNaturalKeyLookup

        public void setNaturalKeyLookup​(boolean isNaturalKeyLookup)
      • setAutoDiscoverScalarTypes

        public void setAutoDiscoverScalarTypes​(boolean autodiscovertypes)
      • setQueryPlan

        public void setQueryPlan​(HQLQueryPlan queryPlan)
      • bindDynamicParameter

        public void bindDynamicParameter​(Type paramType,
                                         Object paramValue)