Class AggregatedAuditExpression

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      • addToQuery

        public void addToQuery​(org.hibernate.envers.boot.internal.EnversService enversService,
                               org.hibernate.envers.internal.reader.AuditReaderImplementor versionsReader,
                               Map<String,​String> aliasToEntityNameMap,
                               String baseAlias,
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        addToQuery in interface AuditCriterion
      • computeAggregationInInstanceContext

        public AggregatedAuditExpression computeAggregationInInstanceContext()
        Compute aggregated expression in the context of each entity instance separately. Useful for retrieving latest revisions of all entities of a particular type.
        Implementation note: Correlates subquery with the outer query by entity id.
        this (for method chaining).