Class MultipleHiLoPerTableGenerator

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ExportableProducer, Configurable, IdentifierGenerator, PersistentIdentifierGenerator

    public class MultipleHiLoPerTableGenerator
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements PersistentIdentifierGenerator
    Use TableGenerator instead.
    A hilo IdentifierGenerator that returns a Long, constructed using a hi/lo algorithm. The hi value MUST be fetched in a separate transaction to the Session transaction so the generator must be able to obtain a new connection and commit it. Hence this implementation may not be used when the user is supplying connections. In this case a SequenceHiLoGenerator would be a better choice (where supported).

    A hilo IdentifierGenerator that uses a database table to store the last generated values. A table can contains several hi values. They are distinct from each other through a key

    This implementation is not compliant with a user connection

    Allowed parameters (all of them are optional):

    • table: table name (default hibernate_sequences)
    • primary_key_column: key column name (default sequence_name)
    • value_column: hi value column name(default sequence_next_hi_value)
    • primary_key_value: key value for the current entity (default to the entity's primary table name)
    • primary_key_length: length of the key column in DB represented as a varchar (default to 255)
    • max_lo: max low value before increasing hi (default to Short.MAX_VALUE)