Class CacheEntityLoaderHelper

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    public class CacheEntityLoaderHelper
    extends org.hibernate.event.internal.AbstractLockUpgradeEventListener
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      • loadFromSessionCache

        public CacheEntityLoaderHelper.PersistenceContextEntry loadFromSessionCache​(LoadEvent event,
                                                                                    EntityKey keyToLoad,
                                                                                    LoadEventListener.LoadType options)
                                                                             throws HibernateException
        Attempts to locate the entity in the session-level cache.

        If allowed to return nulls, then if the entity happens to be found in the session cache, we check the entity type for proper handling of entity hierarchies.

        If checkDeleted was set to true, then if the entity is found in the session-level cache, it's current status within the session cache is checked to see if it has previously been scheduled for deletion.

        event - The load event
        keyToLoad - The EntityKey representing the entity to be loaded.
        options - The load options.
        The entity from the session-level cache, or null.
        HibernateException - Generally indicates problems applying a lock-mode.
      • loadFromSecondLevelCache

        public java.lang.Object loadFromSecondLevelCache​(LoadEvent event,
                                                         EntityPersister persister,
                                                         EntityKey entityKey)
        Attempts to load the entity from the second-level cache.
        event - The load event
        persister - The persister for the entity being requested for load
        The entity from the second-level cache, or null.