Class AbstractCollectionInitializor<T>

    • Field Detail

      • revision

        protected final Number revision
      • removed

        protected final boolean removed
    • Method Detail

      • initializeCollection

        protected abstract T initializeCollection​(int size)
      • addToCollection

        protected abstract void addToCollection​(T collection,
                                                Object collectionRow)
      • doPrivileged

        protected <R> R doPrivileged​(Supplier<R> block)
        Perform an action in a privileged block.
        Type Parameters:
        R - the return type
        block - the lambda to executed in privileged.
        the result of the privileged call, may be null
      • newObjectInstance

        protected <R> R newObjectInstance​(Class<R> clazz,
                                          Object... args)
        Creates a new object based on the specified class with the given constructor arguments.
        Type Parameters:
        R - the return class type
        clazz - the class, must not be null
        args - the variadic constructor arguments, may be omitted.
        a new instance of the class