Interface RowReader<R>

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    public interface RowReader<R>
    Coordinates the process of reading a single result values row
    • Method Detail

      • getResultJavaType

        Class<R> getResultJavaType()
        The overall row result Java type. Might be a scalar type, an entity type, etc. Might also be a `Object[].class` for multiple results (domain selections).
      • getResultJavaTypeDescriptors

        List<JavaType> getResultJavaTypeDescriptors()
        The JavaTypeDescriptors of the result
      • getInitializers

        List<Initializer> getInitializers()
        The initializers associated with this reader
      • readRow

        R readRow​(RowProcessingState processingState,
                  JdbcValuesSourceProcessingOptions options)
        The actual coordination of reading a row todo (6.0) : JdbcValuesSourceProcessingOptions is available through RowProcessingState - why pass it in separately should use one approach or the other