Interface Scanner

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    AbstractScannerImpl, DisabledScanner, StandardScanner

    public interface Scanner
    Defines the contract for Hibernate to be able to scan for classes, packages and resources inside a persistence unit.

    Constructors are expected in one of 2 forms:

    If a ArchiveDescriptorFactory is specified in the configuration, but the Scanner to be used does not accept a ArchiveDescriptorFactory an exception will be thrown.

    • Method Detail

      • scan

        ScanResult scan​(ScanEnvironment environment,
                        ScanOptions options,
                        ScanParameters params)
        Perform the scanning against the described environment using the defined options, and return the scan results.
        environment - The scan environment.
        options - The options to control the scanning.
        params - The parameters for scanning