Interface BootstrapContext

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    BootstrapContextImpl, BootstrapContextImpl

    public interface BootstrapContext
    Defines a context for things generally available to the process of bootstrapping a SessionFactory that are expected to be released after the SessionFactory is built.
    • Method Detail

      • isJpaBootstrap

        boolean isJpaBootstrap()
      • markAsJpaBootstrap

        void markAsJpaBootstrap()
        Indicates that bootstrap was initiated from JPA bootstrapping. Internally false is the assumed value. We only need to call this to mark that as true.
      • getJpaTempClassLoader

        ClassLoader getJpaTempClassLoader()
        Access the temporary ClassLoader passed to us as defined by PersistenceUnitInfo.getNewTempClassLoader(), if any.
        The tempo ClassLoader
      • getClassmateContext

        ClassmateContext getClassmateContext()
        Access to the shared Classmate objects used throughout Hibernate's bootstrap process.
        Access to the shared Classmate delegates.
      • getArchiveDescriptorFactory

        ArchiveDescriptorFactory getArchiveDescriptorFactory()
        Access to the ArchiveDescriptorFactory to be used for scanning
        The ArchiveDescriptorFactory
      • getScanOptions

        ScanOptions getScanOptions()
        Access to the options to be used for scanning
        The scan options
      • getScanEnvironment

        ScanEnvironment getScanEnvironment()
        Access to the environment for scanning. Consider this temporary; see discussion on ScanEnvironment
        The scan environment
      • getScanner

        Object getScanner()
        Access to the Scanner to be used for scanning. Can be:
        • A Scanner instance
        • A Class reference to the Scanner implementor
        • A String naming the Scanner implementor
        The scanner
      • getReflectionManager

        org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.ReflectionManager getReflectionManager()
        Retrieve the Hibernate Commons Annotations ReflectionManager to use.
        The Hibernate Commons Annotations ReflectionManager to use.
      • getJandexView

        org.jboss.jandex.IndexView getJandexView()
        Access to the Jandex index passed by call to MetadataBuilder.applyIndexView(IndexView), if any.

        Note that Jandex is currently not used. See

        The Jandex index
      • getSqlFunctions

        Map<String,​SqmFunctionDescriptor> getSqlFunctions()
        Access to any SQL functions explicitly registered with the MetadataBuilder. This does not include Dialect defined functions, etc.

        Should never return null

        The SQLFunctions registered through MetadataBuilder
      • getAuxiliaryDatabaseObjectList

        Collection<AuxiliaryDatabaseObject> getAuxiliaryDatabaseObjectList()
        Access to any AuxiliaryDatabaseObject explicitly registered with the MetadataBuilder. This does not include AuxiliaryDatabaseObject defined in mappings.

        Should never return null

        The AuxiliaryDatabaseObject registered through MetadataBuilder
      • getAttributeConverters

        Collection<ConverterDescriptor> getAttributeConverters()
        Access to collected AttributeConverter definitions.

        Should never return null

        The AttributeConverterInfo registered through MetadataBuilder
      • getCacheRegionDefinitions

        Collection<CacheRegionDefinition> getCacheRegionDefinitions()
        Access to all explicit cache region mappings.

        Should never return null

        Explicit cache region mappings
      • release

        void release()
        Releases the "bootstrap only" resources held by this BootstrapContext.

        Only one call to this method is supported, after we have completed the process of building the (non-inflight) Metadata impl. We may want to delay this until we get into SF building. Not sure yet.

      • registerAdHocBasicType

        void registerAdHocBasicType​(BasicTypeImpl<?> basicType)
        To support envers
      • resolveAdHocBasicType

        <T> BasicTypeImpl<T> resolveAdHocBasicType​(String key)
        To support envers