Interface MetadataBuildingContext

    • Method Detail

      • getMappingDefaults

        MappingDefaults getMappingDefaults()
        Access to mapping defaults in effect for this context
        The mapping defaults.
      • getMetadataCollector

        InFlightMetadataCollector getMetadataCollector()
        Access to the collector of metadata as we build it.
        The metadata collector.
      • getObjectNameNormalizer

        ObjectNameNormalizer getObjectNameNormalizer()
        Not sure how I feel about this exposed here
        The ObjectNameNormalizer
      • getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForBoolean

        default int getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForBoolean()
      • getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForDuration

        default int getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForDuration()
      • getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForUuid

        default int getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForUuid()
      • getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForInstant

        default int getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForInstant()
      • getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForArray

        default int getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForArray()
      • getCurrentContributorName

        String getCurrentContributorName()
        The name of the contributor whose mappings we are currently processing