Class DomainDataRegionTemplate

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    DomainDataRegion, Region
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    public class DomainDataRegionTemplate
    extends AbstractDomainDataRegion
    Abstract implementation of DomainDataRegion based on implementations just needing to provide a DomainDataStorageAccess reference for basic caching support - DomainDataStorageAccess acts as a simple wrapper around some generalized cache actions such as put or get. Most implementations (our own JCache-based one included) can likely be as simple as: * Custom DomainDataStorageAccess implementation, bridging calls back to the specific cache provider's APIs * Custom DomainDataRegionTemplate implementation that creates its custom DomainDataStorageAccess reference * Custom RegionFactory implementation that creates its custom DomainDataRegionTemplate todo (5.3) : move this javadoc into DomainDataRegion and/or package javadoc