Package intended for simplifying the worked needed to implement a caching provider. Centers around the concept of StorageAccess and DomainDataStorageAccess too implement most of the "grunt work" associated with the implementation. Most integrations would just: 1. implement a custom StorageAccess/DomainDataStorageAccess 2. implement a custom RegionFactoryTemplate, implementing specifically: a. `RegionFactoryTemplate#createDomainDataStorageAccess` b. `RegionFactoryTemplate#createQueryResultsRegionStorageAccess` c. `RegionFactoryTemplate#createTimestampsRegionStorageAccess` Voila.. functioning cache provider The preferred approach to "provide a integration" is through a custom StrategyRegistrationProvider Both `hibernate-testing` (`org.hibernate.testing.cache.CachingRegionFactory`) and `hibernate-jcache` (`org.hibernate.cache.jcache.internal.JCacheRegionFactory`) provide examples of using this support package to implement a caching provider.