Class Property

    • Constructor Detail

      • Property

        public Property()
    • Method Detail

      • isBackRef

        public boolean isBackRef()
      • isSynthetic

        public boolean isSynthetic()
        Does this property represent a synthetic property? A synthetic property is one we create during metamodel binding to represent a collection of columns but which does not represent a property physically available on the entity.
        True if synthetic; false otherwise.
      • getColumnSpan

        public int getColumnSpan()
      • getName

        public String getName()
      • isComposite

        public boolean isComposite()
      • getValue

        public Value getValue()
      • resetUpdateable

        public void resetUpdateable​(boolean updateable)
      • resetOptional

        public void resetOptional​(boolean optional)
      • isPrimitive

        public boolean isPrimitive​(Class clazz)
      • getCascade

        public String getCascade()
      • setCascade

        public void setCascade​(String cascade)
      • setName

        public void setName​(String name)
      • setValue

        public void setValue​(Value value)
      • isUpdateable

        public boolean isUpdateable()
      • isInsertable

        public boolean isInsertable()
      • getValueGenerationStrategy

        public ValueGeneration getValueGenerationStrategy()
      • setValueGenerationStrategy

        public void setValueGenerationStrategy​(ValueGeneration valueGenerationStrategy)
      • setUpdateable

        public void setUpdateable​(boolean mutable)
      • setInsertable

        public void setInsertable​(boolean insertable)
      • getPropertyAccessorName

        public String getPropertyAccessorName()
      • setPropertyAccessorName

        public void setPropertyAccessorName​(String string)
      • setPropertyAccessStrategy

        public void setPropertyAccessStrategy​(PropertyAccessStrategy propertyAccessStrategy)
      • isBasicPropertyAccessor

        public boolean isBasicPropertyAccessor()
      • setLazy

        public void setLazy​(boolean lazy)
      • isLazy

        public boolean isLazy()
        Is this property lazy in the "bytecode" sense? Lazy here means whether we should push *something* to the entity instance for this field in its "base fetch group". Mainly it affects whether we should list this property's columns in the SQL select for the owning entity when we load its "base fetch group". The "something" we push varies based on the nature (basic, etc) of the property.
      • getLazyGroup

        public String getLazyGroup()
      • setLazyGroup

        public void setLazyGroup​(String lazyGroup)
      • isOptimisticLocked

        public boolean isOptimisticLocked()
      • setOptimisticLocked

        public void setOptimisticLocked​(boolean optimisticLocked)
      • isOptional

        public boolean isOptional()
      • setOptional

        public void setOptional​(boolean optional)
      • setPersistentClass

        public void setPersistentClass​(PersistentClass persistentClass)
      • isSelectable

        public boolean isSelectable()
      • setSelectable

        public void setSelectable​(boolean selectable)
      • resolveServiceRegistry

        protected ServiceRegistry resolveServiceRegistry()
      • isNaturalIdentifier

        public boolean isNaturalIdentifier()
      • setNaturalIdentifier

        public void setNaturalIdentifier​(boolean naturalIdentifier)
      • isLob

        public boolean isLob()
      • setLob

        public void setLob​(boolean lob)
      • addCallbackDefinitions

        public void addCallbackDefinitions​(List<CallbackDefinition> callbackDefinitions)
      • getReturnedClassName

        public String getReturnedClassName()
      • setReturnedClassName

        public void setReturnedClassName​(String returnedClassName)