Interface AttributeContainer.InFlightAccess<J>

    • Method Detail

      • applyIdAttribute

        default void applyIdAttribute​(SingularPersistentAttribute<J,​?> idAttribute)
        Callback used when we have a singular id attribute of some form - either a simple id or an aggregated composite id (EmbeddedId)
      • applyIdClassAttributes

        default void applyIdClassAttributes​(Set<SingularPersistentAttribute<? super J,​?>> idClassAttributes)
        todo (6.0) : we still need to implement this properly and the contract may change - specifically I am not certain we will be able to re-use `SingularPersistentAttribute` because of its dependence on declaring-type, etc that we may not be able to do
      • applyNaturalIdAttribute

        default void applyNaturalIdAttribute​(PersistentAttribute<J,​?> versionAttribute)
      • finishUp

        void finishUp()
        Called when configuration of the type is complete