Interface MatchingIdRestrictionProducer

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    public interface MatchingIdRestrictionProducer
    Strategy (pattern) for producing the restriction used when mutating a particular table in the group of tables
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      • produceRestriction

        Predicate produceRestriction​(List<?> matchingIdValues,
                                     EntityMappingType entityDescriptor,
                                     int valueIndex,
                                     ModelPart valueModelPart,
                                     TableReference mutatingTableReference,
                                     Supplier<Consumer<SelectableConsumer>> columnsToMatchVisitationSupplier,
                                     ExecutionContext executionContext)
        Produce the restriction predicate
        matchingIdValues - The matching id values.
        mutatingTableReference - The TableReference for the table being mutated
        columnsToMatchVisitationSupplier - The columns against which to restrict the mutations