Class NamedBasicTypeImpl<J>

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        public String getName()
        Description copied from class: BasicTypeImpl
        BasicTypeImpl produces a name whose sole purpose is to be used as part of interpreting Envers-produced mappings. We want to use the same exact BasicTypeImpl *instance* in the audit mapping (Envers) as is used in the audited (ORM) mapping. The name is in the form `basicType@${u}(${o},${r})`, where
        1. ${u} is a unique number
        2. ${o} is the mapped Java type
        3. ${r} is the mapped SQL type (JDBC type code)
        `basicType@${u}` is enough to uniquely identify this type instance; the Java Type and JDBC type code are informational E.g. `basicType@321(java.lang.String,12)`
        Specified by:
        getName in interface Type
        getName in class BasicTypeImpl<J>
        String the Hibernate type name