Class ClassPropertyHolder

    • Method Detail

      • buildAttributeConversionInfoMap

        protected Map<String,​AttributeConversionInfo> buildAttributeConversionInfoMap​(org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.XClass entityXClass)
      • startingProperty

        public void startingProperty​(org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.XProperty property)
        Description copied from interface: PropertyHolder
        Called during binding to allow the PropertyHolder to inspect its discovered properties. Mainly this is used in collecting attribute conversion declarations (via @Convert/@Converts).
        property - The property
      • getEntityName

        public String getEntityName()
      • addProperty

        public void addProperty​(Property prop,
                                AnnotatedColumns columns,
                                org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.XClass declaringClass)
      • addProperty

        public void addProperty​(Property prop,
                                org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.XClass declaringClass)
      • addJoin

        public Join addJoin​(jakarta.persistence.JoinTable joinTableAnn,
                            boolean noDelayInPkColumnCreation)
      • handleGenericComponentProperty

        public static void handleGenericComponentProperty​(Property property,
                                                          MetadataBuildingContext context)
        Embeddable classes can be defined using generics. For this reason, we must check every property value and specially handle generic components by setting the property as generic, to later be able to resolve its concrete type, and creating a new component with correctly typed sub-properties for the metamodel.
      • getClassName

        public String getClassName()
      • getEntityOwnerClassName

        public String getEntityOwnerClassName()
      • getTable

        public Table getTable()
      • isComponent

        public boolean isComponent()
      • isEntity

        public boolean isEntity()
      • getIdentifier

        public KeyValue getIdentifier()
      • isOrWithinEmbeddedId

        public boolean isOrWithinEmbeddedId()
        Description copied from interface: PropertyHolder
        Return true if this component is or is embedded in a @EmbeddedId
      • isWithinElementCollection

        public boolean isWithinElementCollection()
        Description copied from interface: PropertyHolder
        Return true if this component is within an @ElementCollection.