Class MultiKeyLoadChunker<K>

  • public class MultiKeyLoadChunker<K>
    extends Object
    When the number of ids to initialize exceeds a certain threshold, IN-predicate based multi-key loaders will break the initialization into "chunks".
    • Method Detail

      • processChunks

        public void processChunks​(K[] keys,
                                  int nonNullElementCount,
                                  org.hibernate.loader.ast.internal.MultiKeyLoadChunker.SqlExecutionContextCreator sqlExecutionContextCreator,
                                  org.hibernate.loader.ast.internal.MultiKeyLoadChunker.KeyCollector<K> keyCollector,
                                  org.hibernate.loader.ast.internal.MultiKeyLoadChunker.ChunkStartListener startListener,
                                  org.hibernate.loader.ast.internal.MultiKeyLoadChunker.ChunkBoundaryListener boundaryListener,
                                  SharedSessionContractImplementor session)
        Process the chunks
        keys - The group of keys to be initialized
        nonNullElementCount - The number of non-null values in keys, which will be less-than-or-equal-to the number of keys
        startListener - Notifications that processing a chunk has starting
        keyCollector - Called for each key as it is processed
        boundaryListener - Notifications that processing a chunk has completed