Interface ProcedureParameterNamedBinder<J>

    • Method Detail

      • canDoSetting

        boolean canDoSetting()
        Can the given instance of this type actually set the parameter value by name
        true indicates that @{link #nullSafeSet} calls will not fail
      • nullSafeSet

        void nullSafeSet​(CallableStatement statement,
                         J value,
                         String name,
                         SharedSessionContractImplementor session)
                  throws SQLException
        Bind a value to the JDBC prepared statement, ignoring some columns as dictated by the 'settable' parameter. Implementors should handle the possibility of null values. Does not support multi-column type
        statement - The CallableStatement to which to bind
        value - the object to write
        name - parameter bind name
        session - The originating session
        HibernateException - An error from Hibernate
        SQLException - An error from the JDBC driver