Interface SelfDirtinessTracker

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    public interface SelfDirtinessTracker
    extends PrimeAmongSecondarySupertypes
    Contract for an entity to report that it tracks the dirtiness of its own state, as opposed to needing Hibernate to perform state-diff dirty calculations.

    Entity classes are free to implement this contract themselves. This contract is also introduced into the entity when using bytecode enhancement and requesting that entities track their own dirtiness.

    • Method Detail

      • $$_hibernate_hasDirtyAttributes

        boolean $$_hibernate_hasDirtyAttributes()
        Have any of the entity's persistent attributes changed?
        true indicates one or more persistent attributes have changed; false indicates none have changed.
      • $$_hibernate_getDirtyAttributes

        String[] $$_hibernate_getDirtyAttributes()
        Retrieve the names of all the persistent attributes whose values have changed.
        An array of changed persistent attribute names
      • $$_hibernate_trackChange

        void $$_hibernate_trackChange​(String attributes)
        Adds persistent attribute to the set of values that have changed
      • $$_hibernate_clearDirtyAttributes

        void $$_hibernate_clearDirtyAttributes()
        Clear the stored dirty attributes
      • $$_hibernate_suspendDirtyTracking

        void $$_hibernate_suspendDirtyTracking​(boolean suspend)
        Temporarily enable / disable dirty tracking
      • $$_hibernate_getCollectionTracker

        CollectionTracker $$_hibernate_getCollectionTracker()
        Get access to the CollectionTracker