Class JdbcDateJavaType

    • Constructor Detail

      • JdbcDateJavaType

        public JdbcDateJavaType()
    • Method Detail

      • getPrecision

        public TemporalType getPrecision()
        Description copied from interface: TemporalJavaType
        The precision represented by this type
      • areEqual

        public boolean areEqual​(Date one,
                                Date another)
        Description copied from interface: JavaType
        Determine if two instances are equal
        Specified by:
        areEqual in interface JavaType<Date>
        areEqual in class AbstractClassJavaType<Date>
        one - One instance
        another - The other instance
        True if the two are considered equal; false otherwise.
      • unwrap

        public Object unwrap​(Date value,
                             Class type,
                             WrapperOptions options)
        Description copied from interface: JavaType
        Unwrap an instance of our handled Java type into the requested type.

        As an example, if this is a JavaType<Integer> and we are asked to unwrap the Integer value as a Long, we would return something like Long.valueOf( value.longValue() ).

        Intended use is during PreparedStatement binding.

        value - The value to unwrap
        type - The type as which to unwrap
        options - The options
        The unwrapped value.
      • wrap

        public Date wrap​(Object value,
                         WrapperOptions options)
        Description copied from interface: JavaType
        Wrap a value as our handled Java type.

        Intended use is during ResultSet extraction.

        value - The value to wrap.
        options - The options
        The wrapped value.
      • toString

        public String toString​(Date value)
      • fromEncodedString

        public Date fromEncodedString​(CharSequence charSequence,
                                      int start,
                                      int end)
        Description copied from interface: JavaType
        Reads the encoded value from the char sequence start index until the end index and returns the decoded value. Implementers do not need to care about escaping. This is similar to JavaType.fromString(CharSequence), with the difference that the aim of this method is decoding from a range within an existing char sequence.
      • getRecommendedJdbcType

        public JdbcType getRecommendedJdbcType​(JdbcTypeIndicators context)
        Description copied from interface: BasicJavaType
        Obtain the "recommended" SQL type descriptor for this Java type. Often, but not always, the source of this recommendation is the JDBC specification.
        context - Contextual information
        The recommended SQL type descriptor