Class LazyAttributeLoadingInterceptor

    • Method Detail

      • fetchAttribute

        public Object fetchAttribute​(Object target,
                                     String attributeName)
        Fetches the lazy attribute. The attribute does not get associated with the entity. (To be used by hibernate methods)
      • loadAttribute

        protected Object loadAttribute​(Object target,
                                       String attributeName)
      • isAttributeLoaded

        public boolean isAttributeLoaded​(String fieldName)
        Description copied from interface: PersistentAttributeInterceptor
        Callback from the enhanced class that an attribute has been loaded
        true id the attribute is loaded false otherwise
      • hasAnyUninitializedAttributes

        public boolean hasAnyUninitializedAttributes()
      • attributeInitialized

        public void attributeInitialized​(String name)
        Description copied from interface: BytecodeLazyAttributeInterceptor
        Callback from the enhanced class that an attribute has been read or written
      • getInitializedLazyAttributeNames

        public Set<String> getInitializedLazyAttributeNames()
        Description copied from interface: BytecodeLazyAttributeInterceptor
        The names of all lazy attributes which have been initialized