Class ManyToOne

    • Method Detail

      • createPropertyRefConstraints

        public void createPropertyRefConstraints​(Map<String,​PersistentClass> persistentClasses)
        Creates a foreign key constraint in the case that the foreign key of this association does not reference the primary key of the referenced table, but instead some other unique key.

        We depend here on having a property of the referenced entity that does hold the referenced unique key. We might have created a "synthetic" composite property for this purpose.

      • setNotFoundAction

        public void setNotFoundAction​(NotFoundAction notFoundAction)
      • isIgnoreNotFound

        public boolean isIgnoreNotFound()
      • setIgnoreNotFound

        public void setIgnoreNotFound​(boolean ignoreNotFound)
      • markAsLogicalOneToOne

        public void markAsLogicalOneToOne()
      • isLogicalOneToOne

        public boolean isLogicalOneToOne()