Interface AttributeMapping

    • Method Detail

      • getAttributeName

        String getAttributeName()
        The name of the mapped attribute
      • getPartName

        default String getPartName()
        Description copied from interface: ModelPart
        The local part name, which is generally the unqualified role name
        Specified by:
        getPartName in interface ModelPart
      • getStateArrayPosition

        int getStateArrayPosition()
        The attribute's position within the container's state array
      • getAttributeMetadata

        AttributeMetadata getAttributeMetadata()
        Access to AttributeMetadata
      • getValue

        default Object getValue​(Object container)
        Convenient access to getting the value for this attribute from the declarer
      • setValue

        default void setValue​(Object container,
                              Object value)
        Convenient access to setting the value for this attribute on the declarer
      • getGenerator

        Generator getGenerator()
        The value generation strategy to use for this attribute.
        API Note:
        Only relevant for non-id attributes
      • compare

        default int compare​(Object value1,
                            Object value2)
      • asPluralAttributeMapping

        default PluralAttributeMapping asPluralAttributeMapping()
        A utility method to avoid casting explicitly to PluralAttributeMapping
        PluralAttributeMapping if this is an instance of PluralAttributeMapping otherwise null
      • isPluralAttributeMapping

        default boolean isPluralAttributeMapping()
      • asEmbeddedAttributeMapping

        default EmbeddedAttributeMapping asEmbeddedAttributeMapping()
        A utility method to avoid casting explicitly to EmbeddedAttributeMapping
        EmbeddedAttributeMapping if this is an instance of EmbeddedAttributeMapping otherwise null
      • isEmbeddedAttributeMapping

        default boolean isEmbeddedAttributeMapping()