Class CaseStatementDiscriminatorMappingImpl

    • Method Detail

      • hasPhysicalColumn

        public boolean hasPhysicalColumn()
        Description copied from interface: EntityDiscriminatorMapping
        Is the discriminator defined by a physical column?
      • resolveSqlExpression

        public Expression resolveSqlExpression​(NavigablePath navigablePath,
                                               JdbcMapping jdbcMappingToUse,
                                               TableGroup tableGroup,
                                               SqlAstCreationState creationState)
        Description copied from interface: EntityDiscriminatorMapping
        Create the appropriate SQL expression for this discriminator
        jdbcMappingToUse - The JDBC mapping to use. This allows opting between the "domain result type" (aka Class) and the "underlying type" (Integer, String, etc)
      • getColumnDefinition

        public String getColumnDefinition()
      • getLength

        public Long getLength()
      • getPrecision

        public Integer getPrecision()
      • getTemporalPrecision

        public Integer getTemporalPrecision()
      • getScale

        public Integer getScale()
      • isNullable

        public boolean isNullable()
        Description copied from interface: SelectableMapping
        Is the mapping considered nullable?
      • isInsertable

        public boolean isInsertable()
      • isUpdateable

        public boolean isUpdateable()
      • isPartitioned

        public boolean isPartitioned()
      • hasPartitionedSelectionMapping

        public boolean hasPartitionedSelectionMapping()
      • getContainingTableExpression

        public String getContainingTableExpression()
        Description copied from interface: ValuedModelPart
        The table which contains the columns mapped by this value
      • getSelectionExpression

        public String getSelectionExpression()
        Description copied from interface: SelectableMapping
        The selection's expression. This is the column name or formula
      • isFormula

        public boolean isFormula()
        Description copied from interface: SelectableMapping
        Is the mapping a formula instead of a physical column?