Interface PersisterClassResolver

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    Serializable, Service
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    public interface PersisterClassResolver
    extends Service
    Given an entity or collection mapping, resolve the appropriate persister class to use.

    The persister class is chosen according to the following rules:

    1. the persister class defined explicitly via annotation or XML
    2. the persister class returned by the installed PersisterClassResolver
    3. the default provider as chosen by Hibernate Core (best choice most of the time)
    • Method Detail

      • getEntityPersisterClass

        Class<? extends EntityPersister> getEntityPersisterClass​(PersistentClass metadata)
        Returns the entity persister class for a given entityName or null if the entity persister class should be the default.
        metadata - The entity metadata
        The entity persister class to use
      • getCollectionPersisterClass

        Class<? extends CollectionPersister> getCollectionPersisterClass​(Collection metadata)
        Returns the collection persister class for a given collection role or null if the collection persister class should be the default.
        metadata - The collection metadata
        The collection persister class to use