Interface MutationTarget<T extends TableMapping>

    • Method Detail

      • getNavigableRole

        NavigableRole getNavigableRole()
        The model role of this target
      • getRolePath

        default String getRolePath()
      • getTargetPart

        ModelPartContainer getTargetPart()
        The ModelPart describing the mutation target
      • forEachMutableTable

        void forEachMutableTable​(Consumer<T> consumer)
        Visit each table.
        API Note:
        Inverse tables are excluded here - they are not mutable relative to this mapping
      • getIdentifierTableName

        String getIdentifierTableName()
        The name of the table defining the identifier for this target
      • getIdentifierTableMapping

        TableMapping getIdentifierTableMapping()
        The descriptor for the table containing the identifier for the target