Class JdbcLiteralFormatterNumericData<T>

    • Constructor Detail

      • JdbcLiteralFormatterNumericData

        public JdbcLiteralFormatterNumericData​(JavaType<T> javaType,
                                               Class<? extends Number> unwrapJavaType)
    • Method Detail

      • appendJdbcLiteral

        public void appendJdbcLiteral​(SqlAppender appender,
                                      Object value,
                                      Dialect dialect,
                                      WrapperOptions wrapperOptions)
        Description copied from interface: JdbcLiteralFormatter
        Append a SQL literal representing the given Java value to a fragment of SQL which is being built.
        appender - an operation that appends to the SQL fragment
        value - a Java object whose value can be represented as a SQL literal
        dialect - the SQL dialect