Class DB2StructJdbcType

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, AggregateJdbcType, JdbcType

    public class DB2StructJdbcType
    extends Object
    implements AggregateJdbcType
    DB2 supports UDTs but not in JDBC, so there is a feature called "transforms", which allows to specify an automatic translation from one data type to another. To support UDTs, we require that a transform exists for the UDT that serializes from SQL to XML and deserializes to SQL from UDT. This means that from the JDBC perspective, this is an XML type, but the database models it internally as UDT. The DB2AggregateSupport generates the functions and transforms for this process automatically, but note that all of this is only used for functions and native queries. By default, we select individual struct parts to avoid the encoding/decoding.
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