Interface SearchAggregationBuilderFactory<C>

  • Type Parameters:
    C - The type of query element collector

    public interface SearchAggregationBuilderFactory<C>
    A factory for search aggregation builders.

    This is the main entry point for the engine to ask the backend to build search aggregations.

    • Method Detail

      • contribute

        <A> void contribute​(C collector,
                            AggregationKey<A> key,
                            SearchAggregation<A> aggregation)
        Contribute an aggregation to a collector.

        May be called multiple times per collector, if there are multiple aggregations.

        Type Parameters:
        A - The type of result for this aggregation.
        collector - The query element collector.
        key - The aggregation key, used to later retrieve the result of the aggregation.
        aggregation - The aggregation implementation.