Interface WildcardPredicateFieldStep<N extends WildcardPredicateFieldMoreStep<?,​?>>

  • Type Parameters:
    N - The type of the next step.

    public interface WildcardPredicateFieldStep<N extends WildcardPredicateFieldMoreStep<?,​?>>
    The initial step in a "wildcard" predicate definition, where the target field can be set.
    • Method Detail

      • field

        default N field​(String absoluteFieldPath)
        Target the given field in the wildcard predicate.

        Only text fields are supported.

        Multiple fields may be targeted by the same predicate: the predicate will match if any targeted field matches.

        When targeting multiple fields, those fields must have compatible types. Please refer to the reference documentation for more information.

        absoluteFieldPath - The absolute path (from the document root) of the targeted field.
        The next step.
      • fields

        N fields​(String... absoluteFieldPaths)
        Target the given fields in the wildcard predicate.

        Only text fields are supported.

        Equivalent to field(String) followed by multiple calls to WildcardPredicateFieldMoreStep.field(String), the only difference being that calls to MultiFieldPredicateFieldBoostStep.boost(float) and other field-specific settings on the returned step will only need to be done once and will apply to all the fields passed to this method.

        absoluteFieldPaths - The absolute paths (from the document root) of the targeted fields.
        The next step.
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