Interface PojoRuntimeIntrospector

  • public interface PojoRuntimeIntrospector
    A Pojo introspector used at runtime.
    • Method Detail

      • detectEntityType

        <T> PojoRawTypeIdentifier<? extends T> detectEntityType​(T entity)
        Detect the type of a given entity instance.
        Type Parameters:
        T - The type of the entity.
        entity - An instance or proxy of T.
        The identifier of the instance's type, or of its delegate object's type if the instance is a proxy. May be null if the entity type is not known from this mapper, because it's neither indexed nor contained in an indexed type.
      • unproxy

        Object unproxy​(Object value)
        value - the object to unproxy
        if value is a proxy, unwraps it, otherwise works as a pass-through function.