Interface BackendImplementor

  • public interface BackendImplementor
    • Method Detail

      • preStop

        CompletableFuture<?> preStop()
        Prepare for stop().
        A future that completes when ongoing works complete.
      • stop

        void stop()
        Stop and release any resource necessary to operate the backend at runtime.

        Called by the engine once before shutdown.

      • toAPI

        Backend toAPI()
        The object that should be exposed as API to users.
      • createIndexManagerBuilder

        IndexManagerBuilder createIndexManagerBuilder​(String indexName,
                                                      String mappedTypeName,
                                                      BackendBuildContext context,
                                                      ConfigurationPropertySource propertySource)
        indexName - The name of the index from the point of view of Hibernate Search. A slightly different name may be used by the backend internally, but indexName is the one that will appear everywhere the index is mentioned to the user.
        mappedTypeName - The name of the type mapped to this index. This is the type name that will be assigned to search query hits for this index, allowing the mapper to resolve the type of each hit in multi-index searches. Each index is mapped to one and only one type.
        context - The build context
        propertySource - A configuration property source, appropriately masked so that the backend doesn't need to care about Hibernate Search prefixes (*, etc.). All the properties can be accessed at the root. CAUTION: the property keys listed in IndexSettings are reserved for use by the engine.
        A builder for index managers targeting this backend.