Interface IndexedEntityBindingMapperContext

  • public interface IndexedEntityBindingMapperContext
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      • getOrCreatePathTracker

        IndexedEmbeddedPathTracker getOrCreatePathTracker​(IndexedEmbeddedDefinition definition)
        Get the shared path-tracker for a given indexed-embedded definition.

        A single definition may lead to multiple indexed-embedded "instances": in sub-types of the type defining the indexed-embedded (the "holding type"), or simply at a deeper level when the indexed-embedded points to the same type as the holding type (recursive indexed-embedded). In such case, each "instance" of the indexed-embedded may use different parts of the definition, so using a single path tracker gives it a complete views and allows it to decide whether an includePaths is useful or not.

        definition - An indexed embedded definition.
        The path tracker for that definition.