Interface SearchQueryElementFactory<T,​SC,​N>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - The type returned by create(Object, Object). Can be the type of the query element, or an intermediary builder type.
    SC - The type of the backend-specific search scope.
    N - The type representing the target of the query element.

    public interface SearchQueryElementFactory<T,​SC,​N>
    A factory for query elements (predicates, sorts, projections, aggregations, ...) targeting index nodes (root, value fields, object fields).
    • Method Detail

      • create

        T create​(SC scope,
                 N node)
        scope - The search context, i.e. information regarding the targeted indexes.
        node - The targeted index node.
        The query element, or an intermediary builder (depending on the factory type).
      • checkCompatibleWith

        void checkCompatibleWith​(SearchQueryElementFactory<?,​?,​?> other)
        Checks whether this factory and the given factory can be used interchangeably.
        other - Another factory.
        SearchException - if the two factories cannot be used interchangeably.