Class SimpleSearchResult<H>

    • Method Detail

      • total

        public SearchResultTotal total()
        Specified by:
        total in interface SearchResult<H>
        The total for a search result, pertaining to all matched documents, independently from the offset/limit used when fetching hits. Includes in particular the total hit count.
      • hits

        public List<H> hits()
        Specified by:
        hits in interface SearchResult<H>
        The hits as a List containing one element for each matched entity.
      • aggregation

        public <T> T aggregation​(AggregationKey<T> key)
        Specified by:
        aggregation in interface SearchResult<H>
        Type Parameters:
        T - The type of result for this aggregation.
        key - The key previously used to register the aggregation during query building.
        The result for the given aggregation.
      • timedOut

        public boolean timedOut()
        Specified by:
        timedOut in interface SearchResult<H>
        whether or not a timeout occurred processing the request.