Interface CoordinationStrategyStartContext

  • public interface CoordinationStrategyStartContext
    • Method Detail

      • failureCollector

        ContextualFailureCollector failureCollector()
        A collector of (non-fatal) failures, allowing notification of Hibernate Search that something went wrong and an exception should be thrown at some point, while still continuing the bootstrap process for some time to collect other errors that could be relevant to users.
        A failure collector.
      • configurationPropertySource

        ConfigurationPropertySource configurationPropertySource()
        A configuration property source, appropriately masked so that the strategy doesn't need to care about Hibernate Search prefixes (*, etc.). All the properties can be accessed at the root. CAUTION: the property key "synchronization" and any sub-keys are reserved.
      • threadPoolProvider

        ThreadPoolProvider threadPoolProvider()
        A provided of thread pools, to use when spawning background processes.
      • clock

        Clock clock()
        A Clock to be used for coordination between nodes.
      • mapping

        AutomaticIndexingMappingContext mapping()
        The mapping, providing all information and operations necessary for background processing of automatic indexing events.