Interface PojoSelectionEntityLoader<E>

  • Type Parameters:
    E - A supertype of the type of loaded entities.

    public interface PojoSelectionEntityLoader<E>
    A loader for loading a small selection of entities, used in particular during search.

    Compared to PojoMassEntityLoader, this loader:

    • Receives batches of identifiers from the caller.
    • Is expected to load a small number of entities, potentially in a single batch.
    • Returns loaded entities as a list.
    • Relies on a pre-existing loading context (a session, a transaction, ...).
    • Must ensure entities remain usable (lazy-loading, ...) as long as the supporting context is active.
    • Method Detail

      • loadBlocking

        List<E> loadBlocking​(List<?> identifiers,
                             Deadline deadline)
        Loads the entities corresponding to the given identifiers, blocking the current thread while doing so.
        identifiers - A list of identifiers for objects to load.
        deadline - The deadline for loading the entities, or null if there is no deadline. Should be complied with on a best-effort basis: it's acceptable to ignore it, but it means some timeouts in Hibernate Search will not work properly.
        A list of entities, in the same order the references were given. null is inserted when an object is not found or has an excluded types (see PojoSelectionLoadingStrategy.createLoader(Set)).