Interface TypeMappingStep

  • public interface TypeMappingStep
    The step in a mapping definition where a type can be mapped, and where properties of that type can be referenced to map them more precisely.
    • Method Detail

      • binder

        TypeMappingStep binder​(TypeBinder binder,
                               Map<String,​Object> params)
        Define a type binder, responsible for creating a bridge. With this method it is possible to pass a set of parameters to the binder.
        binder - A TypeBinder responsible for creating a bridge.
        params - The parameters to pass to the binder.
        this, for method chaining.
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      • property

        PropertyMappingStep property​(String propertyName)
        Starts the definition of the mapping of a specific property.
        propertyName - The name of a property in this type.
        A DSL step where the property mapping can be defined in more details.